Are Hybrids capable of AWD?

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Hybrid AWD for all-weather performance

Although most Hybrids are front-wheel drive, there are now all-wheel drive – or 4x4 – Toyota Hybrids within the range for those who need extra off-road or all-weather capability. The new RAV4 Hybrid and 2019 Prius AWD are equipped with an advanced AWD-i system that is engineered to provide a much stronger performance in challenging circumstances and secure handling in slippery conditions.

In addition to the combined Toyota Hybrid engine and electric motor powering the front wheels, models like the RAV4 Hybrid AWD add a second, rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels. This allows up to 30% of the torque to be distributed to the rear wheels to give a sure-footed performance when pulling away on loose, slippery surfaces.

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